myLink, phpMyAdminLink, phpSyntaxCheck and myCPanelLink

Install instructions for myLinks, phpMyAdminLink, phpSyntaxCheck and myCPanelLink modules.

The module myLinks combines phpMyAdminLink, phpSyntaxCheck and myCPanelLink to specifically developed for Joomla 3.0 to display all 3 on one line.

The module phpMyAdminLink will place a link, using this image  , on your admin status bar to your phpMyAdmin program, either local (localhost/phpMyAdmin)  or your websites program.

The module phpSyntaxCheck will place a link, using this image  phpSyntaxCheck , on your admin status bar to your PHP syntax checker program, use the default one or enter another URL to perform PHP syntax checking. A great tool to catch those pesky typos.

The module myCPanelLink will place a link, using this image  , on your admin status bar to your web sites host control panel (not to be confused with the Joomla control panel).


Each of these links will open a new window/tab.


Install them via the standard Joomla installation process.

Once installed  go to Module Manager.

Because they are Admin modules you are probably looking at the site modules:


You need to change to the Admin modules, to the right of the clear button is the drop down selection, select administrator.  You should now see the following:


Now click on the module name to edit the parameters.

Hide the title.

Select the position  of status (preferred) or menu or sub-menu.

Set the status to publish.

On the right side under Module Parameters you want to enter the complete URL.

For linking to your local (desktop) phpMyAdmin  you can usually leave the existing URL (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)  if you are going to point to your webhosts phpMyAdmin program then the best thing to do is log in to your webhosts Control Panel  and copy the link to phpMyAdmin and paste it into the parameter box.

For linking to a PHP syntax checker you can leave existing URL (http://www.piliapp.com/php-syntax-check/) or enter another that you would prefer.

For linking to your webhosts Control Panel often you can access it using your website URL followed by cpanel ( http://www.yoursite.com/cpanel).  Most ISPs provide this manner to connect to your control panel or you may need to contact your web host to find the correct URL link.

Once you have the correct URL enter or paste it into the parameter box.

Now Save & Close this edit.

Normally the link(s) wil appear before the status items, re-order them if needed.

Remember that the next time you access the module manager it may still be pointing to the administrator modules and you will need to select site again.

Downloads are accessed via the software downloads scetion of  my Classifieds Redux classified ads component here:   click here


If you find these tools useful, please post  a review on the Joomla Extension Directory.





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